Two More Chances to See Prime Stage’s Twelfth Night

The show runs tonight at 8 and Sunday at 2:30.

One could argue that this production’s perpetually upbeat, fast-paced tone robs the play of its melancholic undertones; many of the more contemplative moments are brushed past or played for comedy, and Feste’s sorrowful songs, set by Monica Stephenson and Gil Teixeira to music for solo guitar and voice, are more poolside cool than sentimental. But with the show clocking in at a speedy two hours and change, and so much farcical plot to unfold, a less contemplative Twelfth Night isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s amazing how Shakespeare’s language, so painstakingly crafted on the printed page, begins to sound effortless and fluid when spoken, and to sound downright modern when delivered at the frenetic pace of screwball comedy. While some purists might balk at the idea of Twelfth Night as full-on farce rather than pastoral romance, Andy Kirtland has given the show perspective, drive and a delightfully un-modern sense of vaudeville humor. Add to that a handful of truly Great Performances and a little acoustic music, and you’ve got the perfect early-summer show. –Greg Kerestan, Broadway World Review

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