In July 1999, I was blogging about Dante’s ashes, Apollo 11, gender-neutral language, and e-books.

In July, 1999, I was blogging about:

  • Logo (large, bold capital "J")(July 19) Florence, Italy — Librarians stumble across a bag of Dante’s ashes, lying on a shelf. [more | Digital Dante (U.Va)]
  • (July 20) “That’s one small step for [a] man“…one grammatical goof for mankind? [RealAudio] [transcript]
    Did Neil Armstrong flub the first sentence spoken on the soil of the moon? [more]
  • (July 23) How does gender-specific language affect students? In a 1980 study, one group read chapters with titles like “Industrial Man,” while another read the same text, only with gender-neutral titles. The results are worth considering. [more]
  • (July 24) “No person is an island“: a non-exclusive revision of a sexist statement? Or an ignorant and silly misquotation? A man or woman should know where s/he stands, or ey is likely to make a fool of themselves. [more]
  • (July 30) Edison filmed plays — and made boring movies.  Plastic was wasted for years as a medium for imitating woodgrain and tortiseshell.  Is the quest for a hand-held electronic book similarly misguided? [more]
  • July 31) It has a tiny screen, a short battery life, and whoops! don’t drop it in the tub! Janelle Brown asks, “Why would someone want an electronic book?” [more]