James Comey: Trump won’t be removed. But we’ll be fine.

Here’s an editorial by someone who feels a heck of a lot more optimistic than I do right now.

The free press fostered and protected by the genius of the First Amendment has let Americans know the truth, if they wish to. They can see the facts and the process, and they will be shaped by that, both now and for the long term.

In November, Americans, fully informed, will have the chance to decide what kind of country we are and what we expect of our leaders.

I don’t buy the stuff about the United States’ democracy dying. Its death has been predicted regularly for two centuries. Yes, a lot of Americans vote for people of poor character who then don’t act in their interest, but that has been true to varying degrees throughout our history. Yes, a lot of Americans believe the lies they are told and attach their own identity to a president in ways that are both inappropriate and irrational. But that’s the nature of people and has been a feature, to one degree or another, of the United States since Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were lying about each other and predicting the death of the republic if the other were elected president. –James Comey, The Washington Post

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