Pittsburgh in the Round review of The Outsiders

“It’s due to a slew of rich, physically and emotionally raw performances from this steadfast ensemble that Hinton’s timeless characters are realized as the heroes, albeit tragic ones, that they’re meant to be…. As the youngest of the Greasers, Ponyboy has a unique dynamic with the rest of the gang. He’s doted on to varying degrees of overbearing excess by his brothers Sodapop (Lawrence Karl) and Darry (Michael Barnett). Dallas (Cole Vecchio) is a foil for Ponyboy, whose posturing bad behavior inadvertently connects him with a kind but sharp soc girl named Cherry (Carolyn Jerz). In a tender moment well played by Jerz, Cherry recognizes a beauty in Ponyboy, his tendency to recognize the beauty in the world despite the circumstances it’s dealt him.” —Pittsburgh in the Round, “The Outsiders”

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