Adorable Dolphin encounter makes Texas sloth video go viral

My social media feed just featured adorable pictures of dolphins engaging with a sloth.

Instead of blogging the Business Insider page or the Bored Panda or the Reddit pages or local TV news programs that repurposed content from the Texas State Aquarium, I wanted to find the original.

The dolphin pictures are still frames from a short sloth-centric video the aquarium released on Facebook on a month ago. In response to a commenter asking how they can share the video off of Facebook, the aquarium posted a link to this YouTube video.

“As a bit of a local celebrity, Chico can’t tour the Aquarium on most days without being mobbed by his adoring fans. But with our temporary closing, our sleepy sloth Chico was treated to an eye-opening adventure through our Gulf of Mexico exhibits!”

The video is nice, but what really made it go viral was the still frames featuring dolphins reacting to the sloth. (One even turned itself upside down.)

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