There’s nothing like a fair-minded, good-faith analysis of the facts

There’s nothing like a fair-minded, good-faith analysis of the facts. And this article from PJMedia is nothing like a fair-minded, good faith analysis. I see it instead as a cynical attempt to cloud the truth by feeding conspiracy theories.

An actual news story would lead with the evidence — any charges filed against Gugino, quotes from a witness whose first-hand experiences challenge the mainstream interpretation of the video, behind-the-scenes photos documenting Gugino’s long career as a Hollywood stunt performer, court rulings showing he’s earned millions of dollars by falling down in front of police officers and suing them in civil court.

Lacking any such evidence, the PJMedia article offers little beyond speculation.

Some screenshots show Gugino tweeted “f*ck the police” and “an eye for an eye,” which supports the narrative that this was not just a random 75yo caught up in a protest.

The analysis of screenshots suggesting Gugino “may have been trying to capture radio and/or cellphone data from the officers via their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, a violation of both state and federal laws” reads like a desperate attempt to blame a victim.

As of now the authorities have charged officers Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe with assault, but Gugino has not been charged with any of the fanciful claims his critics have lobbed against him.

PJMedia’s evidence-free speculation about what Gugino might have done to deserve being assaulted has more in common with cynical victim-blaming than a sincere attempt to analyze all sides of a complex issue.

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