Ultimate Infographic Design Guide + Design Tricks – Venngage

This website is selling something. You can ignore the too-frequent suggestions that you use the templates that they provide (unless you really want to sign up for their product). If you dodge the pitches there’s some good info here.

Want to become better at infographic design? This guide is jammed with tips, tricks and tons of examples for creating expert-looking infographics.

  1. Planning your infographic design
  2. Write a compelling title
  3. Use a grid design or wireframe for your infographic design
  4. Use the right infographic layout for your data (scroll down for a video guide)
  5. Follow data visualization best practices
  6. Incorporate different infographic design elements
  7. Use photography in your infographic design
  8. Use contrast in your infographic design
  9. Create symmetrical and asymmetrical balance
  10. Use color effectively
  11. Make sure there’s consistency in your infographic design
  12. Leave plenty of negative space in your infographic design
  13. Practice, practice, practice


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