Google, AI Announcements, and the Future of Learning

Glenda Morgan does not sound that impressed with Google’s latest promises about AI and education.

[T]hus far I am unconvinced that the kinds of tutoring currently offered via AI matches the concept of watching a student’s thought processes and identifying the core issues they aren’t understanding. Instead, AI tutoring today seems to consist of breaking down problems into component parts and explaining the components. This is no doubt helpful, but it is not tutoring in the true sense of the word.

I also suspect that AI tutors could be used by different types of students in different ways. Good students might use these tools to do even better (much as with other EdTech), but the improvements will be small because they are good students and room for improvement is limited. Poor students might use these tools because they are seen as a route to the answer, and it won’t help with core understanding. The improvements will be small and transitory. —On Ed Tech Newsletter

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