Unity Normal Problems (Importing an object from Blender 2.8b)

I had a complex model that I created in Blender 2.79, and imported (with some tweaking) successfully to Unity 2018 a few months ago. When I switched to Blender 2.8 and Unity 2018.2, I found big problems with my model. Blender 2.8b tells me that all the normals are exactly what I expect — the blue shows all the normals are pointing outside, as they should. But these 2 screenshots from Unity 2018.2.19f1 show the normals are all off. I’m using Unity’s “import normals” option. I tried letting Unity recalculate normals, but that didn’t solve the problem. What am I…

I voice the role of Electron Jones in this audio detective series. The first episode was released today. I also made the posters with #Blender3D (my first project using the Cylces renderer). #design #drama #aesthetics

Making this illustration in Blender3D was almost as much fun as voicing the role of Electron Jones. This was my first project using the Cycles rendering engine. In the first episode of “Electron Jones,” the narrator describes looking down on a “levi-train” as a lunar transport takes off into the twilight sky in the futuristic metropolis “Teslatown.” Getting the text to conform to the circular line was a bear… I ended up converting a Blender font object to a mesh and just hauling the vertices around where I wanted them. Here are pictures of the finished poster, an in-progress draft…

45 Epic Blender Tutorials

We’ve scoured the web in search of the best Blender tutorials out there and compiled a list of 45 of the most epic we could find. This collection includes a variety of tutorials covering everything from modeling and animation, to rigging and VFX. So grab a coffee and savor the Blender goodness! —45 Epic Blender Tutorials.


This Is What Summer Vacation Is For: Designing a Steampunk Airsloop with Blender 3D

Summer vacation means if I am telling my kids steampunk bedtime stories, and the story requires an ether-powered vehicle larger than a life pod, but smaller than the ship-of-the-line where most of the plot takes place, I can visit Wikipedia to look for a class name — I like “sloop” — and then dash out some sketches on my iPad. Then I can fire up Blender 3D and design the ship. Needs more greebles, but not bad for a weekend project.


Seton Hill’s Griffin Holds an iPad in Front of Admin Steps (Blender 3D Models)

I textured the model I created yesterday, and imported into an environment where I was already working on The Griffin. I added the iPad prop to the Griffin’s hand. The railings are the wrong color, the Griffin’s hand needs to be posed to hold the iPad better, and I’ve got to give Griff something to do in this virtual world, but it’s coming along well. Not bad for a few hours’ work.


Futuristic Acrylic Chair (Blender 3D Animation)

Yesterday, I sketched a chair I found at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art’s “The Art of Seating” exhibit. I had a spare hour, and threw together this Blender 3D model, and let the simulation render overnight. I only sketched it from one angle, so it’s fair to say this rendering is inspired by the exhibit rather than an attempt to document it.

Blender 3D Introduction

I’ve been showing some of my Blender 3D creations to members of my son’s FIRST Robotics Competition team, and several of them asked me to teach them how to make a game. Blender 3D is a fantastic (free! open source!) tool that can model 3D computer-generated scenes and characters, render high-quality videos, as well as games. The interface is not easy to learn. The first time I opened up Blender, I played with it, got frustrated with the interface, and quit. I found much better tutorials and examples in the Half-Life 2 modding community, so I made my first serious…

Griffin Run Cycle, Blender Griffin Part 4

What started out as random green cubes turned into some kind of shrubbery. I spent too much time fiddling with the bushes. They’re good enough. I’ve cleaned up the Griffin’s eyes, and added some camera motion so we zoom in on his face. His wings waggled back and forth too much last time, so I toned that down a little. It’s really more of a strut than a run, because in its current version he always has one foot on the ground, but it’ll do. Improved Griffin Run Cycle

Blender Griffin, Part 3

Okay, that’s enough work for one evening. I added a skeleton I had already created for another project, and I added new rigging for his wings and tail. I still need to add the fancy stuff, like having the eyes follow a target, having the limbs move automatically to follow the placement of the feet and hands, and so forth.

Blender Griffin, Part 2

After another couple of hours of work, I’ve added the Griffin logo and a tail (trust me — it’s there). I’ve improved the lighting, and added some very subtle ambient occlusion (the inside of his beak and the inside of his eyes are shaded more realistically). I could probably do a better job differentiating such materials as fur, feathers, cloth and beak, but I’m eager to get on to rigging the skeleton.  

Dragging Myself to a New Skill Level with Blender 3D

Working on some very complex stuff in Blender 3D. Here’s how it’s making me feel. That’s a 3D model, fully rigged with a posable digital skeleton. Her skin is slightly translucent, her curly hair bounces when she moves, her glasses cast a reflection. It’s actually a very satisfying thing to that I could pose her face in just the way I had hoped, in order to get across my point. The stuff I’m working on now is very complex… her eyes can track any point in space, and her head turns just slightly in the direction of whatever she’s watching,…

Blender 2.58 Released

After finishing my work for the school year, I have been spending lots of my free time developing my 3D design skills with Blender 3D. The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.58. This is the second stable release of the Blender 2.5 series, representing the culmination of many years of redesign, development and stabilizing work.  We name this version “Stable” not only because it’s mostly feature complete, but especially thanks to the 1000s of fixes and feature updates we did since the 2.5 beta versions were published. —blender.org – Blender 2.58. Below is a…