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Facebook shrinks fake news after warnings backfire

In its efforts to combat the spread of false news online (whether by malicious people who knew it was propaganda,…

Google Pledges $300 Million to Clean Up False News

This is a welcome step, but we cannot trust big corporations to solve the fake news problem for us. (Slow…

My buddy JTK helps me make a key point in my slideshow. #4c18 #b29

Putting speaker notes on an iPad is always more fun when using a typeface that invokes TNG Okudagrams.

Why Textbooks And Education Are To Blame For Fake News

The way we teach it at Seton Hill, as a process that leads to a researched term paper, I think…

The science of fake news: Addressing fake news requires a multidisciplinary effort

The rise of fake news highlights the erosion of long-standing institutional bulwarks against misinformation in the internet age. Concern over…

The Media Pyramid: “Any content where ideology leads to falsehood is bad for you.”

You Are the Media You Eat