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My buddy JTK helps me make a key point in my slideshow. #4c18 #b29

Putting speaker notes on an iPad is always more fun when using a typeface that invokes TNG Okudagrams.

Why Textbooks And Education Are To Blame For Fake News

The way we teach it at Seton Hill, as a process that leads to a researched term paper, I think…

The science of fake news: Addressing fake news requires a multidisciplinary effort

The rise of fake news highlights the erosion of long-standing institutional bulwarks against misinformation in the internet age. Concern over…

The Media Pyramid: “Any content where ideology leads to falsehood is bad for you.”

You Are the Media You Eat

Chilling analysis of organized, anonymous disinformation campaign against Parkland survivors (impressive journalism from The Washington Post)

Forty-seven minutes after news broke of a high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., the posters on the anonymous chat board…

Don’t use that “18 school shootings since Jan 1” claim. It’s Inaccurate.

Don't use that "18 school shootings since Jan 1" meme. It's misleading. I've lost track of how many times this…