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Details drive the news (new handout)

I have nothing against essays, but not every writing task requires an essay. I tell my students they will be…

Writing a news story calls on different skills than writing a traditional essay.

Updated an older instructional handout with a bunch of new examples and some fancy red/green color coding. To write a…

Journalists Prefer “Said”

Journalists prefer the neutral "said" to attribute a source's statements, opinions, and emotions. Using "claimed" generates doubt. Using "explained" confers…

Journalists write to inform, not to impress.

Sometimes when I find myself putting more than a usual amount of creativity into a comment on a student paper,…

Inverted Pyramid: A news story starts with what’s most important, not with whoever spoke first at the event you’re covering.

Using the inverted pyramid structure is one of the major differences between a news story and a personal essay.

Verify or Duck! Journalists should confirm all details they didn’t witness.

New instructional web page -- Verify or Duck! Confirm all details you didn't witness. #fridaynight #partylikeaprofessor.