While today's young computer professionals may have only passing familiarity with "Adventure", the game had a tremendous effect on an earlier generation of programmers. -- "Somewhere Nearby is Colossal Cave: Examining Will Crowther's Original 'Adventure' in Code and in Kentucky." Digital Humanities Quarterly 1.2. August 2007.

"Adventure," or "Colossal Cave Adventure," is the original text-based computer game ("interactive fiction").

Hints and Tips

Your immediate goal is to find and enter an underground cave.

Move around by typing compass directions:

>go north

Are you lost in the forest?  You can go back to the beginning of the game by typing "restart".


You should be "At End of Road".

This part of the game is a bit annoying... the game has been translated into a different format in order to run on a web page, and in the process the programmers introduced a few bugs.  Bear with me, and I'll try to get you into the more interesting parts of the game.

First of all, type the following command:


(This will just make things a little easier.)

To get into the building:


(Note: Variations like "enter building", "go inside" and "go into building" are all reasonable synonyms, but the old computers in the 1970s, when this game was created, weren't expected to be reasonable.  Part of the "fun" of this game was attacking it via logic and trial and error -- very much in the manner of a computer hacker.)

Once you're inside, you might "examine [object]" or try some other verbs. 

(Hmm that lamp looks like it could be useful.  And you never know when you might need a bottle... or some tasty food... in general, you should take anything that isn't nailed down.)

After you're finished inside here, it's time to go exploring again.


Since caves are created by water, it makes sense to follow the stream. 


Now we're getting somewhere.


You should be "At Slit in Streambed."


Hey, wait a minute!  (Remember what I said about how this game was designed for the first computer users -- professional programmers who love a challenge. The rules seem to have changed a bit...)


That one was completely unfair in this version of the game (in the original version, you could have typed "downstream" at this point, which is at least plausible).

Now you should be standing "Outside Grate."

>enter grate


>open grate


See whether you're carrying anything that might help:


Now you've got the general idea.

Further tips:

(This page is part of the Annotated "Adventure" Frameset.)

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