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Dennis G. Jerz
I teach new media journalism as an associate professor of English at Seton Hill University. My recent scholarly interests cover weblogs, interactive fiction, technology in literature, and web usability and design.

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This website began as a resource for my own students, though many of the pages have attracted traffic from search engines and weblogs. Many of the resources on this web site were originally created while I was teaching at the University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire (UWEC). A few pages even date from my grad student days at the University of Toronto.

During my five years in Eau Claire, I constantly expanded and fine-tuned the collection of instructional resources on my website, thanks to the feedback from my own students, students and teachers at other institutions, and random visitors (whose comments are always welcome and often helpful). In my last two months at UWEC, my site was drawing nearly 200,000 hits per month.

I'm very grateful to the administration at Seton Hill University for supplying me with internet service to support my continued online activities. (I used to use Supplehost, but when they stopped answering my e-mails for several months, I switched to RimuHosting. I understand SuppleHost has a new owner now, so it may be that they will change their ways.)

Will Gayther, a UWEC undergraduate majoring in computer science, updated my weblog software as part of an independent study, and for years continued to offer his services in a manner above and beyond the call of duty--even after I gave him an "A" for his project.

Now the blog runs on MovableType, and I am slowly converting the rest of the website from static HTML to pages served via MovableType.



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Rolf Samuels said:

Thanks for this excellent resource. I routinely link to your discussions in my grading. Your treatment of integrating sources is excellent.

Rolf Samuels
Viterbo University
La Crosse, WI

I'm glad to hear it, Rolf. Thanks for letting me know.

SEO Web Design said:

Great Post! I thingmo web design is complete if it doesn’t have clear naviation, readability of text and forms to contact

There's also something to be said for proofreading.

Ellie K said:

Thanks for taking the time to maintain and update your "Hacking URL's" blog entry. It was written back in 2000 and you kept it current right on through 2007.

I found my way over from a wikipedia footnote on Linden Lab
aka Second Life virtual world. Not sure why it was tied to your site... But I'm pleased to be here, as you gave a novice blogger-and-html user (me!) credible info on URL's (I'm trying to learn about directory structures and IPv4 versus IPv6 transition too).

Much appreciated!

I'm glad to year you found my pages helpful, Ellie.

That Linden Labs case hinges on url-hacking, and my website comes up high in a Google search for that term, so I gather that's why Wikipedia cites my work.

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