SHU requires that students who miss classes for university-sanctioned events must make arrangements with their professors in advance for making up work. Note that for some in-class activities, there may be no appropriate make-up assignment. Resubmit the approved form along with your make-up work, a day or two after you return. Print out this form, and submit one copy per absence. URL: <>

Scheduled Absence / Emergency Absence Form -- Version 1.4 (26 Aug 2005)

(Circle one of the above.)

Your Name:


Today’s Date (at least two weeks before your planned absence; as soon as possible after an emergency absence):

Date of Planned/Emergency Absence:

Reason for Absence:


(Attach documentation, such as a team roster and calendar, or a photocopy of a court summons. If you wish to keep your reasons private, I will accept a note or a printed e-mail from an appropriate authority who can confirm that your request is legitimate and appropriate.)

Your peer contact (someone who will tell you what you missed):

Assignments due on that date (consult syllabus):

Your plan for submitting the assignment(s) (Approval of a planned absence does not include an extension. Assignments that are marked "Exercises" and "Agenda Items" are generally not accepted late, since their purpose is to prepare you for upcoming activities.)


In-Class activity missed (consult current syllabus):


Your plan for making up this class activity (usually a day or two after you return):


Instructor Response: 

□ Approved. (For partial credit for any late work, copy and paste your late work into an e-mail message, with a subject such as "Smith EL266 Ex 1-2 Late Approved," and staple this form to a printout of your late work.)
□ Please revise and resubmit.
□ Rejected.