WB 5: Research; Mock Press Conference; Story Pitch

Rescheduled from Sep 26 and retitled.

Compile steps 1-3 into a single word processor file, and upload it to the appropriate slot on Turnitin.com before today's class sometime on Wednesday.  Steps 4 and 5 are for the in-class activity, and steps 6 and 7 are follow-ups after class.

1) Use the LexisNexis library database (update, Oct 22: it's a free journalism archive available from the SHU library website) in order to find recent news coverage of Seton Hill University and its president, JoAnne Boyle. Write a brief paragraph about what you learned, emphasizing possible angles for a news story.

2) Imagine that you are preparing to pitch a story to The Setonian. Prepare three or four significant questions that you would ask President Boyle, if you had the chance to put them to her. Include both open and closed questions.

3) Create a brief transcript from a mock press conference, in which you ask your questions, and supply plausible answers to these questions. (Ethical note: outside of a classroom exercise, you would of course never invent answers this way. We are just doing this so we can simulate a press conference.)

Come to class:

4) With a printout of your mock transcript. (We will use it in a classroom exercise.)

5) Ready to take notes on what happens during a mock press conference classroom exercise. You will need those notes in order to...

After class:

6) E-mail me a story pitch based on what happens during the mock press conference. (You don't have to commit to doing this story for Article 2 -- this is just an exercise.)

7) Post an informal blog entry in which you describe your reaction to today's classroom activity.

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» Never shut the president in the door. from MitchellSteele

Today I shut President Boyle into a wall by use of a door. That was nice, anyways- I was surprised to see that President Boyle was actually in class. And I think that is why thew questions started out slowly.... Read More

» Impromptu press conference from ShannonMoskal

I was pleasantnly surprised that Dr. Boyle agreed to drop in on our class.  She was really open to our questions and went out of way to answer everything.  She encouraged comments and feetback and made us at ease, which... Read More

» A surprise guess star from JacquelynJohns

As a newcomer to SHU campus this semester, I was pleasantly surprised to see President Boyle in class.  At my previous campus, my interaction with the president was limited to formal ceremonies and official e-mails, so I was glad to... Read More

» Sink or Swim from Special K

Today's mock press conference proved something I think I've known for awhile- I would drown at a real press conference. I'm an outgoing person, but only in situations I'm comfortable in. Yelling over other reporters to interview someone I'll most... Read More

I couldn't believe she existed! She was there in the flesh, and I actually got to speak with her! ::faints:: Alright. Let me collect myself. On Wednesday's class, we had a mock press conference with SHU President, JoAnne Boyle. Up... Read More


Nessa said:

Is this on JWEB anywhere? Am I being my usual blonde self and missing something?

Nessa said:

Opps sorry! I read the other entry. Sorry Dr. Jerz!

Maddie Gillespie said:

Can someone please tell me what the Lexus/ Nexus library is and where I might find it? Please?


I wrote this when I was very ill, and I see that I write "Lexus/Nexus" instead of the proper spelling, "LexisNexis". So that might have contributed to the confusion.

Anyway, it's a news archive database that is available from the SHU library.


Maddie Gillespie said:

Thank you Dr. Jerz!

Maddie Gillespie said:

Thank you Dr. Jerz!

Nessa said:

Um, just how featured does President Boyle have to be in the article? Because Lexis Nexis is giving me duds (if any articles not on Seton Hall at all). Anyone else find anything/have trouble getting a decent article on SHU? (I also tried the "SHU in the News" section of the SHU website. There isn't anything great there either)

Recent coverage of SHU of any sort would be useful, but since we're preparing for a mock press conference with President Boyle, it does make sense to try to look for news coverage that directly featured interviews with her.

LexisNexis has options for broadening the search beyond the default options that are checked when you first do a search. Did you try working with those?

Who else is regularly quoted in stories about Seton Hill? You could search for other names besides just the one.

Other things you can do include searching for "Seton Hill University" (in quotes) and some other term that will help you find news stories on a subject that you might want to ask Dr. Boyle about, even if she herself hasn't appeared recently in a story about that topic.

If you try something that works, feel free to share what you learned here.

Nessa said:

There needs to be a slot on turnitin.com for this assignment.

(Hey, you said you liked it when I kept you in check...)

Daniella Choynowski said:

Dr Jerz, all I could find was thr article in the NY times about Dr Boyle and the footbla team, so is it ok to use that?

Daniella Choynowski said:

I see no slot on turnitin.com, so i'm just going to bring it to class tomorrow.

Nessa said:

Dani- I used that article too. It's the best I could find.

Tiffany Gilbert said:

Ditto! Football article it is

Yikes! Sorry about the Turnitin slot, I'll create that now.

I did find other good articles when I broadened the search criteria, but that NYT article is certainly a significant one for SHU.

Here's the url for my blog. Guess the trackback's still bein' a pain.

Maddie Gillespie said:

http://blogs.setonhill.edu/mt/mt-akdfh_tb.cgi/10739 - Don't know why it didn't show up the first time?

Jeremy Barrick said:

Very informal, but humorous!I enjoy reading my own blogs. Does that make me a narcissist?

Chelsea Oliver said:

Jeremy if it does, I'm the same way.
Here's mine it's cute! :)


Jackie Johns said:

well it said it worked, but i don't see it anywhere so just to be on the safe side..

Bethany Merryman said:

My reaction to the President's Powerful Presence

Carrie Kraszewski said:

Here's my Blog

Carrie Kraszewski said:

Here's my Blog

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