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J-Web: Orientation and Reflection

Complete a simple exercise on J-Web (SHU's course-management tool). Due by 9AM Friday (Jan 4).

You should first read the course syllabus.

The way J-Web is set up, an essay question will be marked as a zero until I have evaluated it. (I wish there were some way to change that.)  I don't promise to evaluate all essay questions overnight.   When I give you multiple-choice questions, the computer will be able to grade it immediately.

Don't think of the online exercises as tests or even quizzes. They are simply online exercises that are designed to help you keep from falling behind in the readings.

Since I won't be able to see whether you are smiling and nodding (indicating you like what we're talking about in class and want more), you're rolling your eyes and doodling (suggesting you're bored or I'm going too slowly), or frowning and muttering (suggesting I'm going too fast), I will need some way of quickly checking how the class is doing. The J-Web exercises give me that opportunity. All J-Web exercises are open notes, open book, and open Internet -- but my idea of "openness" does not include asking other people do to your work for you.

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