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  1. Hey! I just want to ask, how do you write the page of the paper if there are two people working on it? Is it like “Rider and *surname of your partner” 1? Please help ASAP. This is due on Friday. Thank you!

  2. i asked him and he told me to make a sound background for each action but i still cant do it
    could u help me or should i just have an appointment with him??

  3. hey ummm i need your help
    my im a student in 8th grade and my teacher told me act the MLA paper . How am i supposed to do that??

  4. Online sources? what if the page numbers are not similar with font, browers….etc…? will that effect the grade?
    URGENT- like.. Extension on paper emergency time!

    • Some ebooks have a mode that preserves the pagination of the source, some do not. I would tell my own students to omit the page number, but to include a long enough quote that I could find the passage if I searched for it. But I can’t comment on your instructor’s grading policies.

  5. Well I appreciate all the comments given. I’m one of the people who have had a class since my oldest was born …..20 yrs ago. MLA is new to me. I thought I could just press a button and the machine would do it for me. lol.

    • Please remember that others reads these posts and your language and tone are very disrespectful. Use of profanity is a sign of very limited language skills.

      • I use profanity a lot, and I have very advanced language skills (according to many college-level and standardized tests). Profanity is just part of one’s vocabulary.

        • And I certainly agree with Renee as per web sources. For all the sites with MLA guides and examples, there are very, very, very few good examples of WEB PAGES and WEB SOURCES and ONLINE ARTICLES with their GREAT VARIETY of “publishers,” associated agencies and departments, update dates, etc. It has been the case for over a decade now that MOST sources students (or anyone) is likely to use to research ANYTHING, can at least BE FOUND online, or may even be only online (and yes, Granny Librarian, those are legitimate, valid, credible sources, so get a clue…..). How typical that the academics are DECADES BEHIND reality.

    • here here!!! And I’m a parent!! Seriously, lets make this as hard as possible for kids to figure this out – grrrrr, sincerely Frustrated Parent!!!!

  6. Hoou cite your work in the paper, my english 1 teacher said we needed to cite our work in the pape and in a work cited page. Due tomorrow, I just need to know how to do it. Once I figure that out I’ll be set.

  7. I have to do MLA format but quite frankly this bitch should be happy I’m doing the paper in the first place. This is how I’m doing so she can suck my dong if she doesn’t approve =]
    Thanks for the paper layout, bud. It was helpful at least I can say I tried, right? :)

  8. I have one due on Monday to. I know mla formatting some what because I’ve Ben doing it since 6th grade but this site helped a lot, and a word of advice for all of u waiting til the last day to type your paper, stop doing that!

  9. wow @Dennis G. Jerz, you are very patient. I could of never been so calm without flipping out. good thing your a teacher

  10. Aaaah can someone pleaeeease help me :( I got a MLA research paper due on Tuesday I have a lot of information of my topic frida kahlo and one of her famous paintings “Frieda and Diego Rivera” but I don’t know where to put it I don’t get the structure to the MLA :(

    • Celly, if you have a question about a specific assignment, your best source is your teacher. MLA style can apply to papers from one paragraph long to hundreds of pages long.

  11. this helped me out soo much, thank you! Last time I did a paper I would have gotten a 100 but I didn’t know mla formating! I will recomend this sight to my friends.

  12. How do I present my book in the introduction. MLA style? Is the name underlined? Do I include author, title & date?

  13. Thank you so much! I’m a freshman in high school, so I’m still adjusting to such specific guidelines, and this was so heloful! I’ll never forget this site!

    • Ask your instructor to be on the safe side. However your instructor identifies the course on the syllabus or assignments is probably the way he or she probably wants you to identify the course.

  14. All MLA is, you have to put your font in Times New Roman, size 12. Put your name, your class, Instructors name and the date that it is due(left hand side) An than on the Right hand you put the page number. You click Insert, Page Number, Top of Page, Plain number 3. It should look like this (Doe1)Also you click No Spacing an than you click on the arrow on the left side of No Spacing and click Double Spacing. You have to change the font manually on your page number to the same font as your body, Hope this helps

  15. You would be wise to get your hands on a style book, such as MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, or the more comprehensive Quick Access Compact. Each are thorough yet easy to understand with their examples. Good luck.

  16. Cool I really understand this! I’m in an English GT Humanities 1 class and this helped a lot on how to type this type of paper! It helped me save a lot of time and I’m bookmarking this page so i can use it every time i need help!

    • Jen, it may be too late, but if you are really confused, you might have to email your instructor, admit that you should have asked for help sooner, ask for an appointment, and accept whatever late penalty your instructor applies. You’ll be better prepared for the next paper.

  17. hey i followed this and my English college teacher says it’s wrong! in high school i had no problem with MLA format and now she’s the only one giving me a hard time on it! i don’t know what to do!! Help?

    • I’d advise you to do it the way your teacher wants, and ask her to help you to understand her expectations. She may have a good reason to expect something that differs from MLA style, or she may not be aware that MLA introduced some minor changes in 2009, or you may THINK you’re following MLA style, without recognizing some gaps. But you’ll never know unless you talk to your teacher.

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