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28 Nov 2000 (posted)
The Talk about Elections [election 2000 poetry]
In olden times, it could be decades before major events were cast in verse. But The Great 2000 Election Controversy is so big that all-star poets have come out of retirement to quickly set the story to rhyme....

26 May, 2000; by Kara Ziehl, UWEC Junior
Top 10 Tips for Writing Poetry
Know your goal; avoid clich├ęs; avoid sentimentality; use images; use metaphor and simile; use concrete words; communicate theme; subvert the ordinary; rhyme with extreme caution; and revise, revise, revise.

26 May 2000; by Kara Ziehl, UWEC Junior, and Dennis G. Jerz
Getting College Credit for Your High School Poetry
Your old poems may be of extreme personal value to you; but if you think of them as records of the way you felt at a particular time, they won't make good college writing submissions. You will be expected to revise and improve your submissions, not just dust them off and trot them out.

30 Jul 2000; by Dennis G. Jerz
Poetry is for the Ear
Whatever poetry you write or read, learn to listen with the ears of your audience. Pay attention to the sounds the words make. Writing in "free verse" does not excuse the poet's obligation to please the ear.

30 Jul 2000; by Dennis G. Jerz
Short but Effective Poetry
As an English professor, and as a technical writer, I love short poems. They are efficient; they are functional; yet they also manage to suprise, delight, and/or enlighten. When a poem takes up only a few lines, every word must work.

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