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Portfolio 1

If you have been keeping up with your blogging, this should only take you a few minutes to compile. If you've fallen behind, this assignment is a chance for you to catch up.

Generally, you should include all your entries, if only to demonstrate that you blogged each time I asked you to.  But some people blog more than they strictly have to, so I don't formally require everyone to include every blog entry they wrote. (You might, for instance, post an agenda item before the due date, but then post a longer, more thoughtful entry after the class discussion. I'd rather you put the more thoughtful essay in your portfolio.)

1) Create a new entry on your weblog, with a title that emphasizes what you feel you have accomplished so far this term. Write a brief introduction that introduces the class and your portfolio to a reader who doesn't know the purpose of the assignment or what the class is supposed to cover.

2) Use material you have posted on your blog to support your statement about what you learned. You may give a simple bulleted list, or you may write a paragraph that includes key words that link to specific pages on your site.

When including a blog entry, write some significant words, such as the title of the entry or the reason you are including it in your blog, and turn those significant words into a link. (Please don't use neutral words like "click here" or "my homework" or "foreshadowing in 'A Good Man Is Hard to Find'" for the links... make your words communicate the insight contained in your blog entry: "Emily Dickinson is a sick cookie.")

Sort and organize your entries into the following broad categories.  (I definitely do NOT want just the URLs of every entry you have posted.)

2A) Coverage: Link to one or several entries that include a direct quote from the assigned reading, that identify the source of the quote, and that links back to the course web page devoted to that reading. (Example: Maddie's   "Bittersweet Victory")

2B) Timeliness: Link to one or several entries that you posted on time (such as agenda items posted 24 hours before the class discussion, or reflection papers posted before the class meeting... something you posted during a classroom exercise would be a weak contribution here).

2C) Interaction: Include one or several entries that demonstrate your ability to interact with peers. Your entry might link to something a classmate posted, or your entry might have attracted comments from peers. If someone leaves a comment, you should reply to the comment in order to try to keep the conversation going.

2D) Depth: Include one or several links to entry on your blog that shows your ability to write in depth.

2E) Discussion: Include one or several links to a page on a classmate's blog where you left a significant comment that was part of a fruitful discussion. (Would "Good job!" or "LOL" count as significant comments? Probably not.)

3) Submit your portfolio by posting a link to it on this page. (Again, if the trackback doesn't work, you can always post a comment that includes the URL of your page.)

Here are some sample portfolios from other classes: Tiffany Gilbert, Chris Ulicne


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Maddie Gillespie said:

Anyone up for a little read? I promise that there's at least a bit o' humor stuffed around in there!

Jeanine O'Neal said:

Follow the link to my beautiful portfolio entitle "A Summary of Sums":


Marsha Banton said:

Blogging Experiencehttp://blogs.setonhill.edu/MarshaBanton/2008/02/my_blogging_experience.html

Tiffany Gilbert said:
Erica Gearhart said:

I love for you all to take a look at my blogging portfolio!

READ! Growing ideas!

Stephanie Wytovich said:

I would like to make a toast to portfolio one! Everyone raise your glasses!


Deana Kubat said:

just a little something something

Katie Vann said:


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