Facebook “Grid View.” Is this new? My first thought is that I rather like it.

I just noticed an option for viewing a Facebook timeline in "grid" mode. For the past several years I have…

At Computers and Writing #cwcon for the weekend.

Am I wise now? At an event for encouraging graduate student research, a 26yo grad student said she had just…

Drawing of Once on This Island by the amazing Rebecca Scassellati.

Fascinating observation on Trump’s ability to drive the “Spygate” story

Within the span of five days, Trump went from having just heard about FBI's use of a confidential source to…

I think they mean typeface conference, but “Font Conference” is still amusing.

I think they mean typeface conference, but it's still amusing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3k5oY9AHHM

Trump admitted he attacks press to shield himself from negative coverage, 60 Minutes reporter says

Lesley Stahl, a correspondent on "60 Minutes," made the disclosure on Monday during a live interview with Judy Woodruff of…

I had to act like I knew something about golf. There I am on the right at about :15.

How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive

The ink used in a fountain pen, the ballpoint’s predecessor, is thinner to facilitate better flow through the nib—but put…

Chess tournament.

Context matters. Trump called MS-13 gang members “animals,” but critics say he was talking about immigrants generally

There are many, many legitimate, evidence-supported critiques that people can make about Donald Trump. Taking a quote out of context…

Twitter changes strategy in battle against internet ‘trolls’

Reducing the reach of abusive tweets is better than censorship on the one hand, and nothing on the other. Of…

“Waiting for Life” (Once on This Island)


We're enjoying the intensity and also the (surprisingly appropriate) humor.


My outward-bound editor's graduation cap.

The reception line begins. Grad2018