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In the beginning, there was Hector.

My wife is less than thrilled with Rainbow Hector,
although my son Peter appears to be more appreciative.
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I bought another Hector,
on the theory that the first one would eventually get ragged, and fall apart.
Then I lost a bag that almost contained a Hector in it (trust me on this one).
I got worried about losing one of my remaining Hectors, so I bought another.
These first three Hectors became known as Hector A, Hector B, and Hector C.
Then I showed them to my sister, Rosemary, and she decided she wanted one for herself.
I went along with her to the store, and got another one.

She later went to another store and bought two more.  I gave a Hector to a friend.
I got worried that soon the stores would run out of Hectors, so I bought another one.
My sister then gave two of  her Hectors to me.

And then I made this useless web site.

Then I moved from Canada to Wisconsin, and got another Hector at the nearby Mall of America.
American Hectors don't cost nearly as much as Canadian Hectors.
But the American Hectors are kind of club-footed.
Canadian Hectors jingle when you shake them.
American Hectors clack.
I don't know why.

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