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"Rainbow Hector" is a plush toy made by Baby Gund.
He looks sort of like a brightly colored octopus.
But since he has only six legs, he must be a hectopus.
Which is probably why Gund named him Hector.

Animaged image of Rainbow Hector

The goodness that is Rainbow Hector continues to spread.

18 July 2003

Microdoc News: Writing Resources and a Rainbow Hector Site

"While this subject of Rainbow Hector is a little bit of trivia, the way that the Rainbow Hector Weblog provides organization to the Google database is a good example of the many topic areas where Google is far better off in poresenting good quality information to information seekers because of weblog organization." Elwyn Jenkins

[I lost a few updates when I moved my website... I'll add them here retroactively. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea Mark Pilgrim please don't create a HectorWatcher website culpa. --DGJ]

30 Apr 2003

Hector the Hectopus (Catch.com)
"I bet Hector would be more fun if we dipped him in gasoline. But, most toys are......." Chad [My (completely pointless and out-of-date) Rainbow Hector Weblog has been metablogged by Catch.com. I don't know why, and the Catch.com folks don't seem to know either. Life goes on, and Hector keeps smiling. --DGJ]

27 Apr 2003

Links of the Week (The Brain)

Sandy writes: I don't know why I found this page so charming...maybe it's when I got to the line "American Hectors are kind of club-footed." Well, have a look: http://www.uwec.edu/jerzdg/personal/hector/photos.htm The same guy has a Rainbow Hector blog, and there are other Rainbow Hector fan sites out there. I predict that some day someone will name their band "Hectopussy". (the toy is a six-legged octopus, or "hectopus".) [Updated URL: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/rhw/]

13 Dec 2002

"A Baby Gund 'Rainbow Hector' stuffed octopus with his bright colors, incorporated rattle and smiling face seems to captivate our two-month old." -- Posted by Mary Ellen on babycenter.com

23 Nov 2002

Image of "Rainbow Hector," the daughter of Jointpop lead singer Gary Hector.The lead singer of the Trinidad group Jointpop is Gary Hector. According to this news story found on the Jointpop press page, he has a daughter named Rainbow.
09 Oct Sep 2002

Rainbow Hector Distribution Report
Animaged image of Rainbow Hector"This past weekend we gave another Rainbow Hector to a 6mo old girl Lara and her father emailed back to us that she went right for Hector the next day when they set her down to play. And last year I gave a Hector to my co-worker Jim to welcome his baby daughter and he recently told me that Hector is her favorite toy." -- Rosemary Frezza, 09 Sep 2002.



  (28 Jun 2002)

Rainbow Hector says: Don't Be Square, Try a Hexagon 
"Welcome to the Hall of Hexagons, which is where you'll find .. er... hexagons. There are many ways to use hexagons, many places you'll find them." David King


  (01 May 2002)

Logandoodle.com features a yellow hectopus with six colorful legs, but examination of the photographic evidence reveals that this is a different breed. Fascinating! 


  (05 Apr 2002)

Rainbow Hector visits London. 
london.jpg (69691 bytes)

(Thanks Anne Wendt and Ben Charbonneau.)


  (26 Nov 2001)

I searched google for "rainbow hector" today and found what I thought was a new hit. Well, actually, not. It seemed to find "Rainbow Hector and the Groove Injectors" but it turned out to be a group called "Dr. Hector and the Groove Injectors" at a location called Rainbow.

Submitted by Rosemary Frezza.


  (05 Nov 2001)

Peter & Daddy lying on the couch with two Rainbow Hectors. (150278 bytes)One of my son Peter's favorite games is playing with "Peter Hector" and "Daddy Hector." Silly? Of course. But lots of fun.  My wife even cut out an old cereal box and made a "Hectopus House."  This caused my son to go through a phase in which he imagined Hectopus cars, hectopus car crashes, hectopus hospitals with hectopus doctors, and so forth.  The green blanket you can just see in this picture is "Hectopus Land," which, according to Peter, features blue apples. I have no reason to doubt his testimony.


Somebody on Yahoo is using the ID "hectopus" (20 Sep 2001)

Here's what I got when I tried to log onto Yanoo! with the ID "hectopus."  

Screen shot of Yahoo logon page: "Someone else has already chosen hectopus. Please try another Yahoo! Id."

I don't remember ever registering that ID. But it's OK... I did manage to get "rainbow_hector."


Another Rainbow Hector clearance sale (19 Aug 2001)
Dear Dennis,


I just came across your webpage and wanted to let you know that we have changed the link to little Mr Rainbow Hector. We have just a few left and then we will be discontinuing our Gund line. Here is the link! it's a great page by the way! Interesting!
Thanks for linking us!
Terry-Anne Checkor, Director of Web Operations
Babies Warehouse, Inc.


Rainbow Hector is good at playing "Towers" (26 Jun 2001)

A familiar name appears twice in the Towers "high score" gallery for June.  (Towers is a solitaire card game.)


Rainbow Surfaces at basketcompany.com (18 May 2001)

Little Tikes Deluxe Cozy Convertible is a rather extravagant gift basket that features a Rainbow Hector
A Rainbow Hector is nestled into toddler's ride-in toy car, that is stuffed with baby items.
Submitted by Rosemary Jerz.... how she found it, I have no idea.

FirstGift is out of Rainbow Hectors (18 May 2001)

Dear Dr. Jerz,  I hope you have found other sources for obtaining Rainbow
Hector.  Firstgift is now completely sold out too.  Good luck and best
wishes.  Corrie (from firstgift.com)

New Rainbow Hector Vendor(16 May 2001)

Babies Warehouse (submitted by Rosemary Jerz)

Only other use of "hectopus" on the Internet (17 Apr 2001)

I can't say I particularly like the poem, "Octopus Hectopus," but the title has earned it a place on this page.

Hong Kong Hector (17 Apr 2001)

Rainbow Hector is available in Hong Kong!

Rainbow Hector exposes scandalously "borrowed" work (06 Apr 2001)

From time to time, I search the Internet for references to Rainbow Hector. I recently found one on the Front Page 2000 FAQ at USBC... it turns out that somebody there had taken one of my pages, (Front Page 2000 Tutorial (UWEC)) and personalized it for a different audience. My document had example links to pages on my own personal website... and this page was one of them. 

I didn't mind that somebody else had modified my work, but that nameless person actually removed my name from the page (while still linking to the original source), yet still left links to personal pages such as my wedding album and this Rainbow Hector page. (The webmaster very quickly added a proper credit line, but not until after I e-mailed a complaint.)

Hectors are Gone at SmarterKids.com! (21 Mar 2001)

SmarterKids.com is now completely out of Rainbow Hectors! 
Let's hope they all went to good homes!
(submitted by Rosemary Jerz)

Hectors are disappearing fast!! (16 Mar 2001)

Rainbow Hector is now a "clearance center item" at the smarterkids web site selling for $7.99! "Less than 10 left," says the on screen notice! I checked and there are only 7 Rainbow Hectors left! (submitted by Rosemary Jerz)

Hector's Evil Twin Discovered! (08 Mar 2001)

A scowling, fanged Rainbow Hector, wearing a black cape."There are a few different aspects of Evil Hector that are different from Rainbow Hector. This one has a cowl and a cape. Also, you can view his evil looking vampiric teeth. Wow... he's so cool. However, since that isn't enough for a Evil Hector page... more will be added tomorrow. But for now, read Evil Hector's Stories...." (submitted by Danielle Preston)

Voice of Rainbow Hector Revealed! (27 Feb 2001)

Rainbow hector sitting on a ledge. "I am Rainbow Hector. Ouch! That hurt."Cliff Peterson's site includes a brief video clip of "Spotty," who has a memorable line. I asked Cliff who did the voice.

"That was my wife on helium. I thought it represented the voice Hector should have."

Cliff Peterson's Rainbow Hector Worship Center (26 Feb 2001)

"i cant believe there's another person out there who loves that little
doll.  i just finished putting up a shrine to my hectors online and
when i searched for rainbow hector on the excite search i found your
page.  i must admit that im addicted to those things!  :)  i think i
have an obsession, though as i buy all i see of hector.  u can go to
my site at:  http://home.talkcity.com/RainbowCt/cliff1975/
my name is cliff and i'd like to get a reply back from you telling
how you have grown to love hector or anytng at all !" (e-mail from Cliff)

Rainbow wig Rainbow Hector. (22 Feb 2001)

Ranbow Hector in a rainbow wig, with a sign that reads "John 3:16." (160985 bytes)

Peter Recreates a Hector Moment (22 Feb 20-01)

hec-lp.jpg (50593 bytes)   

Just before my son turned three, I showed him this website, including the picture on the left (taken in 1998)


Jan2001-lp.JPG (124837 bytes)

Peter got very excited, pulled his mommy onto the couch, put Rainbow Hector on her knee, climbed onto her lap, and waited for me to get the camera.

Gund Retiring Rainbow Hector!

brightideabox.jpg (6912 bytes)My E-mail to "FirstGift.com" (21 Feb 2001)
For reasons which are not completely clear to me, I maintain an unofficial fan page for the Gund toy, "Rainbow Hector." I have already linked to the gift set which features "Rainbow Hector" on http://firstgift.com/brightidea.htm, and I would like to know whether I have permission to use those photos on my website.

brightideaset.jpg (14288 bytes)Reply (22 Feb 2001)
Dear Dr. Dennis Jerz, I was amused by your note and to see that there is a web site devoted to Rainbow Hector. I have only two left. You probably know that Gund is retiring Hector. As you see it is part of a package and I would be happy to sell those two packages if someone clicks on to the link. So I guess it's alright to use the picture. If nothing else it might attract new people to my site. -- Corrie

Visit Rainbow Hector
 Rainbow Hector on "BabyGund" display page
Click on image of Rainbow Hector
(submitted by Stacey Delcore, 21 Feb 2001)

Flash (until 24 Feb 2001): Rainbow Hectors $4.99 each at SmarterKids.com!
But they still calculate shipping fees based on the original 
not the discount price which comes out to 
$4.64 for 1, $6.03 for 2, $10.20 for 5, $17 something for 10, etc. 
$4.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just ordered 5! 
(Submitted by Rosemary Jerz, Feb. 20)

Another Rainbow Hector Sighting
(Submitted by Rosemary Jerz, 20 Feb 2001)

A collection of "Hector Wanna-be" Lnks:

 http://www.jocus.com/Jocus2000-2001/Wenglish/start.ihtml?vt=star (and choose Olly the Octopus)
(Submitted by Rosemary Jerz, 20 Feb 2001)

From Cliff Peterson's review, on the SmarterKids.com website
"...Not only did I enjoy peering at him for hours on end, but my son, Gaylord, never puts it down! 
It helped him learn his ABC's and has become his best friend as well. 
We take him everywhere and Hector now feels like my second son. 
Now, I own 19 Hectors." (Feb. 17)

More of Lincoln and Rainbow Hector

hectoronhead.JPG (39690 bytes) hectoronhead2.JPG (36085 bytes)

handy.JPG (27989 bytes) smiley.JPG (106386 bytes)

(Submitted by Caleb Olson, 15 Feb 2001)

Lincoln (born August 2000), with Rainbow Hector 

linc-n-hector.jpg (55535 bytes) hector-n-linc.jpg (52389 bytes)

(Submitted by Caleb Olson, 11 Feb 2001)

Correction to 06 Feb "Warning"
"This one has five legs. Perhaps so it can run away from Hector.
Now I feel bad that I haven't started a page for Gnat's favorite toy. 
And I call myself a parent!" (reported by Lileks, 08 Feb 2001)

Owner of TJ Maxx Rainbow Hector revealed!
Professor Jerz. When my nephew, Lincoln, was born in late August, 2000; I was at TJ Maxx in Eau Claire and came across what I now know to be the infamous rainbow hector. I bought it for him because I liked the happy face and remembered it from Tech Writing (we had to describe it for an in-class exercise). Anyway, Lincoln is absolutely infatuated with it and if you would like a picture for your tribute website, I could email one to you as he will be visiting me this weekend. Caleb (reported by Caleb Olson, 07 Feb 2001)

I might not (yet) own all the Rainbow Hectors in my county!
A Rainbow Hector may have been spotted in the Eau Claire, TJ Maxx, Dec. 2000. (reported by Matt Hoy, 06 Feb 2001)

Just because it's yellow and has six legs doesn't mean it's a Rainbow Hector!
Shocking photographic evidence of a challenger in the yellow, six-legged head department.
(reported by Matt Hoy) (06 Feb 2001)

Read the my customer review of Rainbow Hector!
Marvel at the typographical error it contains!
Lament that the site won't link to this page!
(01 Feb 2001)

GotBears.com claims that Rainbow Hector "features a rattle".  
This information is incomplete and misleading.  
Rainbow Hector actually features three rattles --
one in the orange foot, one in the purple foot, and one in the green foot.

Rainbow Hector (14kb); reproduced with permission from GotBears.com

Buy Rainbow Hector at Babies Warehouse  
Buy Rainbow Hector at GotBears.com
Visit Rainbow Hector on "BabyGund" display page
Sold Out: Rainbow Hector at Firstgift.com
Sold Out: Rainbow Hector at SmarterKids.com

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