Always Bet on Text

Graydon Hoare offers a rousing hymn to the virtues of text. Don’t get me wrong, I like me some illustrations, photos, movies and music. But text wins by a mile. Text is everything. My thoughts on this are quite absolute: text is the most powerful, useful, effective communication technology ever, period. Text is the oldest and most stable communication technology (assuming we treat speech/signing as natural phenomenon — there are…


Out & About: Cabaret Theatre presents its ‘Cabbie Awards’

You can just make out Carolyn, Leigh, and me stacked up on the right edge of this picture. Carolyn won “Best Leading Actress in a Non-Musical” for The Miracle Worker, and I also got to present her with “Best Onstage Save” for some quick thinking (and dancing) during the gypsy scene in Man of La Mancha. Hosts Anne Cruzan and David Seremet announced that, due to the long list of…

I know stuff must be important to people who don’t spend their evenings generating 1400-word memos.

In my defense, I broke that long email down so the recipient (my chair) really only has to read about three bullet points in order to grasp the “Action Item” section… but then I had to *write* all those “just in case this become important later” details, and corral them under increasingly woebegone subheads like “Background/Still More Details” and “Heading Even Further Down This Rabbit Hole.”