Journalist flexes in story about Trump Media accountant who has spelled his own name 14 different ways in official documents

Gotta love how this reporter worked the spelling variations into the story.

Meet Ben F orgers (we wish we were making this up).

The founder of the accounting firm hired by Donald Trump’s social media group has used 14 variations of his name in filings with the industry regulator, far more than any other US auditor, according to a review of public documents.

Ben F Borgers, whose accountancy firm BF Borgers inspects the finances of Trump Media & Technology Group, has filed Form APs to the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board using the names Ben F Brogers, Blake F Borgers, Ben F Vonesh and Ben F orgers, among 10 others — some of which look like simple spelling mistakes — according to Public Company Accounting Oversight Board data.


PCAOB inspectors found Bogrers’ auditors failed to properly check clients’ revenues, accounts receivable, debt levels, fair value assumptions and numerous other key financial metrics. Brgres’ spelling irregularities only raise further questions about his firm’s standards, according to Agnes Cheng, professor of accounting at the John T Steed School of Accounting at the University of Oklahoma.


‘Orgers was away when we tried his Colorado office and did not respond to emailed questions about why he had used so many subtly different names. This leaves open the possibility that he’s just fat-fingered, something to which the odd journalist, trader and British monarch can all relate.

Or maybe the man is simply overworked. Since 2017, Boogers has signed over 700 public company audit opinions, another record — and all while making time to jeep, backpack, fish, camp, hunt, sail, hike and hang out with his family. — George Steer, Financial Times

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