Journalism by the Numbers (a pedagogical play in one scene) #math

(Lights up on a college journalism classroom. The professor enters, surveys the room.) Professor: Math! Students: (Shocked reaction.) Professor: Math!! Students: (Scattered cries of “No!”) Professor: MATH!!! Students: NO!!!   (Blackout.)   (40 minutes later.)   Professor: So, at the very least when you encounter numbers in your reporting, contact sources who can help you interpret those numbers critically. Seek out a variety of credible views on the provenance and…


Last night I dreamed I was a stagehand during a metatheatrical number called “Butts in Seats.”

I saw Seton Hill’s production of The Drowsy Chaperone last night, which I loved. After I left the theater, I realized I left my hat under the seat, so I went back into the house for it. As I passed in front of the stage, Karen Glass and a line of black-clad theater technicians walked out from behind a curtain. I remember thinking to myself, “This must be the number…


Know your rights: photographers — what to do if you are stopped or detained for taking photographs

When is it legal to make a video in a public place? A kerfluffle at my local mall involves a restaurant owner accused of mocking and taking video of a special needs person having a meltdown. Several times a week I take my son to the food court and hand him my credit card. More than half the time he chooses to patronize this establishment. (I’ll continue to let him…

Vanessa Otero’s Updated Media Bias Chart

Otero goes into great detail describing her criteria for placing the various news sources. She changed a few labels and shifted position for a few sources.  It’s not perfect. It’s not the only answer. It, however, a very useful way to get us to think about what we’re clicking on, reading, and sharing.  See “The Chart, Version 3.0: What, Exactly, Are We Reading?”