What's a namber?

What’s a namber? A namber is a word that acts as a mnemonic for a number. For example, 65 is drum, and 181 is push.

A namber address uses an arbitrarily-chosen list of nambers to represent each of the numbers from 0 to 255 in order to assemble four words to represent any IP address. Metafilter.com’s namber is earth.frog.brown.tooth, and mysteryrobot.com conveniently provides translation and forwarding to the real IP address. —What’s a namber? (Metafilter)

4 thoughts on “What's a namber?

  1. Thanks, Rosemary!

    Will, I probably have a chance of remembering those words, while I’d have to look up the numbers every time. But you’re right, the domain name is even simpler to remember.

  2. Dennis, here are your nambers:
    jerz.setonhill.edu = earth.close.down.empty
    blogs.setonhill.edu = smoke.party.moon.bed

  3. I don’t even know what to say – I don’t think usability testing would reveal this to be any easier than remembering the actual address. Especially when you could just remember “metafilter.com”. :-)

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