June 3, 1997.
Leigh: "I think I just got a positive result... but it's not a very strong reading."
Dennis: "Well, your baby's probably weak and slow moving and lazy, like you."
Dennis: "I was trying to say something supportive."
(several days later)
Dennis: "I can't believe I thought that was supportive."

Dennis's Foo-Baby Song
(to the tune of "Skip to My Lou")

June 8, 1997.
Boink your partner, fickety-foo,
Boink your partner, fickety-foo,
Boink your partner, fickety-foo,
Get a little fickety-foo... baby.

(Leigh: "Should we warn people that the final line doesn't quite scan, or will they figure that out?")

Hearing the Baby's Heartbeat

July 23, 1997
The nurse finds the baby's heartbeat and Dennis's face lights up with excitement.  Before he can even exclaim anything, the nurse takes the stethoscope microphone away.  We resolve that next time we will ask to listen for a longer period of time.  By a pleasant coincidence, today is our third wedding anniversary.

Ultrasound Pictures

August 27, 1997.
The ultrasound operator says it's a boy, due around Feb. 7, 1998.  Leigh wants a copy of the picture illustrating the baby's gender.  Dennis is unsupportive.

By another pleasant coincidence, today is the sixth anniversary of the day we met.
The ultrasound technician laughs when she sees the little baby flapping his jaw up and down.  Leigh says it's a trait the baby has inherited from his father. 
The jabber-jawed baby is emphasizing a point. 

(Leigh: "If he knew that most of the fluid around him is his own pee, I bet he'd keep his mouth shut.")

All babies look like space aliens at this stage.  Dennis is rather pleased with the thought. 

"At least he has a brain," Leigh mutters.  "I think he looks like a little skullface."

Peter Dennis Jerz

We decided the baby's name about six years ago, when we were on a very early date.  Dennis was talking about why he likes St. Peter, and Leigh said, "Obviously our firstborn son should be called Peter Dennis."

Leigh thinks she really said "your firstborn son," but Dennis knows the truth.  Dennis remembers being rather stunned, but not in the least distressed... it did seem a little strange to him, since he hadn't even tried to kiss her yet.  He made a mental note to try it soon, however.  (Leigh wishes to add that Dennis has been typing this.)

Reflections about This Web Site

August 29, 1997.
Dennis (laughing): "We're going to have a really weird kid."
Leigh: "At least everyone knows it's coming now."