Peter Makes His Presence Known

Feeling the Baby Move

September 20, 1997.
(Leigh begins feeling something in her stomach.)
Leigh: "But it may just have been gurgling in my guts."

September 29, 1997.
(Leigh and Dennis are sitting on the couch.  She takes his hand and puts it on her belly.  They both feel a kick.)

Leigh's Largesse, Part 1

November, 1997.
(Leigh, seven months pregnant, is walking home from a doctor's appointment.  Some weird guy says, "Ohhh, Baby," and makes kissing and slurping noises at her.  Leigh didn't know whether to be offended, or pleased to receive this attention from a stranger, given her condition.) 

Hospital Tour 

December 18, 1997.
(Dennis and Leigh take a tour of the maternity ward at St. Michael's Hospital.)

Leigh's Largesse, Part 2

December 19, 1997.
(Dennis invites Leigh to sit on his lap.)
Leigh: "No, I'm probably too heavy to sit on you."
Dennis: "You're just wife and baby and a couple pounds of gook."
Dennis: I was trying to say something supportive.