PSim 2.0 Screen Shots

This section displays several screen captures and describes briefly what the program does. The quality and size of the images on these pages has been significantly degraded in order to reduce file sizes.

This section (which describes the Windows 3.x version of PSim) gives a good overview of the capabilities of the PSim Java applet, which runs over the internet from within a Java-capable browser (such as the Windows-95 versions of Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0).

Screen Shot 1

PSim 2.0 Screen Shot 1

When the user selects "FILE|NEW" from the opening (blank) screen, PSim loads a default data set.

(Note: this data set is loaded automatically in the Java version)

Selected elements of PSim 2.0data file "default.psd"
Number of Stations 12 "Standard" Stations
Number of Plays 48 "Register" Plays
Length of Plays Rogerson's line-count estimates
Wagon Speed Rogerson's paced estimates

Windows 3.x version only

The user may wish to modify this data set. For instance, selecting "Stations|View data..." calls up the following dialog box, from which the user may toggle stations in and out of this performance or change the travel time between individual stations.

Stations Dialog Box

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