Screen Shot 2

PSim 2.0 Screen Shot 2

The window title records that 53 minutes and 45 seconds of simulated performance time have elapsed. The play "Cain and Abel" is currently performing at the first station (at the lower left), while the "Expulsion from Eden" is at the second station. The third station,"Mickelgate 2," is empty. The small white box approaching "Mickelgate 2" represents a pageant wagon moving into position. Another wagon is rolling into place at the fourth station, currently occupied by the play "The Creation of Adam and Eve." If one play does not finish before a second wagon arrives, we say that the second wagon is "backed up." The small gray dot labeled "L. Ousegate" is an "inactive" station -- the approaching wagon will move through that point and continue to the next station without stopping. The fifth station in this cycle is currently occupied by the first play in the series, "Creation and the Fall of Lucifer." After finishing there, the first play will make a left turn and proceed to the station labeled "Jubbergate."

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