Corpus Christi Pageant Reconstruction: Toronto, 1977 

The University of Toronto Media Services offers videotapes of all 48 surviving plays from the York Cycle, which was mounted in its entirety in Toronto in 1977. (The plays were produced in Toronto again in 1998). This web site includes about 30 video captures and several brief video clips of selected plays from the cycle. In order to view the video clips, you need to have Quicktime installed on your computer and configured for your browser. You should also be prepared to wait a long time if you download the video clips via modem. If possible, view them from a computer with a direct network connection.

Images are copyright Poculi Ludique Societas, the Records of Early English Drama, and the University of Toronto Media Centre. They are reproduced on this website with permission. The (modernized) text excerpts are based on Lucy Tulman-Smith's edition.  More photos of this production are available at the PLS Archive Gallery.

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