The York Crucifixion of Christ 1 of 4

Summary: In the York play of the Crucifixion of Christ, four Roman soldiers mutter among themselves about how hard their work is. The text of the play includes specific references to each step in the process of tying Christ to the cross, nailing him down, lifting the cross from the ground to the wagon, and slipping the upright cross -- with the actor tied to it -- into a slot at the end of the wagon. The play was originally sponsored by the pinners (nailers), painters and latoners (workers of brass or tin). This collection of documents includes about 20 still pictures and a 25-second video clip of the raising of the cross, all from the 1977 Toronto production.
The first soldier rallies his fellow "knights":
You know yourself as well as I,
How lords and leaders of our law
Have deemed that this dolt shall die.
The other soldiers announce that all the gear they need is ready; they have a hammer, nails, and rope; holes have been bored in the cross. They command Christ to "walk on" to where the cross is lying on the ground.
Christ acknowledges that it is the will of Father that:
Here to death I oblige me
From that sin to save mankind,
And soverignly beseech I thee,
That they for me may favor find.

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