Creation and the Fall of Lucifer (2 of 2) 

God, after creating heavens and the other angels, makes Lucifer "mirror of my might," but Lucifer is more interested in his own pleasing face than in offering praise and worship to his creator: 
    All the mirth that is made is marked in me, 
    The beams of my brightness are burning so bright, 
    And I so seemly in sight my self now I see, 
    For like a lord am I left to lend in this light, 
    More fair by far than my peers, 
    In me is no point that may compare
Lucifer attempts to climb to the upper level of the stage, where God is standing: I shall be like unto him that is highest on height.
In punishment for their pride, the bad angels are cast into hell. Here, Lucifer slides down through the smoking mouth of hell, losing his angelic robes in the process, and reversing his mask to reveal a hideous face: "My brightness is blackest"!
Lucifer tries to defend himself: "I said but a thought" -- but it is too late. 

God announces that he will make man in order to replace the fallen angels. In preparation for this act, he separates light from dark, just as the good angels are now separated from the bad. 


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