All Your Usenet are Belong to Wesley Crusher

12 Dec 2001; compiled by Dennis G. Jerz
In the late 80s, Wil Wheaton had the dream job -- he was a child actor on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The appearance of a quirky Usenet newsgroup named "alt.ensign.wesley.die.die.die" pretty much describes what hard-core Trek fans thought of his character.  

Wheaton's self-deprecating website, his knowledge of hacker culture, and his sense of humor eventually won over the ubergeek slashdot crowd, which led to an article in the geeky-but-kinda-mainstream Wired, and eventually a feature in the more-hip-than-geeky Salon.  As an emerging spokesman for Internet libertarianism, Wheaton is successfully re-inventing himself, now that his child-actor days are far behind him.

In light of Google's recent release of 20 years worth of archived Usenet postings, I spent a bit of time tracking down the first Usenet references to Wesley Crusher and to Wil Wheaton.