Humor (Procrastination Aids)

You wouldn't know it from the rather drab and serious content on most of my pages, but I love the quirky things that one finds on the Internet.  If you've got time to kill -- or if you just want to laugh in the face of looming deadlines -- help yourself to this list of procrastination aids. -- Dennis G. Jerz

Other Useful Procrastination Aids


2002: A Palindrome Story
A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same backwards and forwards:  "Madam, I'm Adam." Nick Montfort & William Gillsepie have written a whole palindrome story.

Battleground God: How logical are your beliefs about God? This exercise asks you a series of true or false questions, which is fine, but since faith isn't faith at all when it's completely supported by logic. The questions are too rigid to be theologically enlightening.


09 Apr 2001 -- first posted 
18 Mar 2002 -- last modified