"Last Page of the Internet" Links

Who first created the "Last Page of the Internet" joke? I have no idea.  Here's a list of variations, dished up in the order that Google served them on April 9, 2001 (out of 1,640 hits for "The Last Page of the Internet").

Note: In February, 2000, one T. R. Halvorson found a similarly conflicting collection of pages purporting to be "the last," and wondered... which was the first last page? 

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First posted -- 09 Apr 2001
Links added -- 14 Dec 2001


Interactive Week

This humble page was featured in a the "Operator No. 9" column of Interactive Week Magazine, June 4, 2001 (Vol.8 No.22 ).

Scanned image submitted by Coreigh T. Utegaard.

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