Sally Supports Her Claims (2)

Sally knew that her professor wanted her to cite academic sources, so she opened up one of her library books and found some quotes that illustrate and define problem X. She added one to her opening paragraph:

how problem X is one of the biggest threats to society 
today.  It affects us in our homes, at school, on the 
street, and everywhere we go.  In a study written by Joe
Smith, it says:
In the ten largest cities of North America, 
incidents of Problem X have been reported at 
an alarming ratein the past ten years.  A 
study published in The New England Journal of
Medicine reported a 14% rise in incidents 
involving college students during hat period, 
as well as an even more alarming 20% spike
among women who own cats. (Smith 43)

She filled two more pages with paragraphs like this, quoting from several different sources.

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