Sally Slacker Writes a Paper

Once upon a time...

Sally Slacker had to write a short researched essay for her professor.
The night before her paper was due, she found a few useful web pages, read some chapters in her textbooks, and even checked out some library books. She had already decided her title would be "The Terrible Problem of X," but she didn't exactly know where to begin. She knew that her professor had written a web page on planning and organizing short research papers, and she knew where to find other online writing resources, but some of it didn't make much sense to her.

"Who really plans out their papers so far in advance?" she sniffed. "I don't want to waste time on an outline or a rough draft. I never did that stuff in high school, and I did just fine."

She sat down at her computer. "Well, I'd better get started," she said.

How do you think Sally is doing so far?

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