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There are always exceptions to rules, and quotation marks are not exclusive from such logic. Listed below are a few exceptions for quotation mark usage:
  • Weak punctuation is allowed outside double quotation marks when a shorter academic citation is made.
  • Passages of dialogue spoken by one speaker and more than a paragraph in length requires double quotation marks, placed at the beginning of each paragraph cited, and following the end of the final paragraph.
  • Long academic passages more than a paragraph in length require no quotation marks and are indented entirely.
  • Reference books such as dictionaries, thesauruses, or encyclopedias and the Bible do not use quotation marks.
  • Question and answer style interviews typically found in magazines need no quotation marks because speakers are clearly identified.

Using Quotation Marks [Basic Usage | Dialogue Usage | Exceptions]
by Bobby Kuechenmeister, UWEC Sophomore
Originally written as a term project for Dr. Dennis G. Jerz's English 305: Introduction to Technical Writing class.
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