Spring, 2010



Greg LaRose said:

Hi Mr. Wertz. My name is Greg LaRose, I live in Butler, PA. and I am enrolled at Westwood College Online out of North Denver, CO. My major is Interior Design and this term, my third term, I am taking College Writing 1 which I find very fascinating. English has always been a favorite of mine but the more I learn, the more I realize how very little I know about it. For the assignment this week I need to use outside references and, of course, cite them. I was trying to find a publication of yours on your "Seton Hall" site so I could properly use your information in my essay on "how to take notes" but I am finding it difficult to actually find the information I need. Can you help me with this. By the way, your work is fantastic and I will definetly be reading a lot more from your site. Thank you and have a very nice day, Gregory P. LaRose.

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