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Trouble finding important information on the site you want to cite? See Web Citation Hints.


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Web Citation Hints

  • Any serious writer will identify his or her work with a name (or organization) and date. If the page you want to cite doesn't have this important information, it is not a credible source for data or interpretation (although it might be OK to use it as an example of somebody's personal opinion).
  • If you can't find important information on a page, and you can't find a link to a table of contents or other informative page, try hacking the URL.
  • Try e-mailing the webmaster for specific help.
    (But don't send a "high priority" e-mail at 11pm that screams "DESPERATE HELP NEEDED FOR PAPER DUE TOMORROW!!" -- I automatically delete all such messages, since by the time I read them the next morning, the deadline has probably passed.) 
  • Print out and save any web page that you use in an academic paper, in case you or your instructor can't find it again.

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