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Book   Name of Author. Title of Book. [Name of editor, translator or compiler.] [edition.] Location: Publisher, Year. [page numbers.] 
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Works Cited Example

Josephson 15

Works Cited

Griffiths, Paul. A Concise History of Avant-Garde Music: From Debussy 

     to Boulez. New York: Oxford UP, 1978. 

Southern, Eileen. The Music of Black Americans: A History. 2nd ed. New 

     York: Norton, 1983. 

Tucker, Mark, ed. The Duke Ellington Reader. New York: Oxford UP, 1993. 

---. Ellington: The Early Years.  Urbana: U of Illinois P, 1991. 

Notes on Works Cited example:

[Adapted from MLA Handbook, 4th ed., p. 265.]

Author(s) [ none | corporate | none, with ed./trans. | individual | indiv., with ed./trans. | two or more ]

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No Author

Corporate Author: "American Medical Association", "United States. Senate."

No Author; with an editor, translator or compiler: "Smith, John, trans.", "Gilbert, Sandra M., and Susan Gubar, eds."

Individual Author: "Smith, John", "Lee, K.D.", "Brown, Louis Baker, Jr.", "Smith-Woods, Jane B."

Editor, Translator or Compiler; with author: "Einstein, Albert. Letters of Albert Einstein. Ed. D. B. Jones."

Two or More Authors: "Smith, John and K. D. Lee, Jr.", "Biggs, Cecil A., Jane Smith-Woods, and L. R. Brown"


Title of Work: (underlined by the Bib-Builder) Twelfth Night, Wallace Stevens: A Collection of Critical Essays

Selection   Name of Author. "Title of Selection." [section date, editor, translator, etc.]  Title of Book. [editor, translator or compiler.] [edition.] Location: Publisher, Year.  Page numbers. 
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Nemowright 15
Works Cited
Calvino, Italo.  "Cybernetics and Ghosts." The Uses of
     Literature: Essays. Trans. Patrick Creagh. San 
     Diego: Harcourt, 1982. 3-27.
Franklin, Benjamin. "Emigration to America." 1782. The
     Faber Book of America. Ed. Christopher Ricks and
     William L. Vance. Boston: Faber, 1992. 24-26.
Hansberry, Lorraine. A Raisin in the SunBlack Theater:
     A Twentieth-Century Collection of the Work of Its 
     Best Playwrights.  Ed. Lindsay Patterson.  New York:
     Dodd, 1971.  221-76.
Hanzlík, Josef. "Vengeance." Trans. Ewald Osers.
     Interference: The Story of Czechoslovakia in the
     Words of Its Writers. Comp. and ed. Peter Spafford.
     Cheltenham: New Clarion, 1992. 54.
[Adapted from MLA Handbook, 4th ed., 4.6.7.]

Title of Selection: [stories, chapters, short poems] [novels, plays, long poems]
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Introduction, preface, afterword (etc.): use neither underlining nor quotation marks.

Edition Information for the Selection.
The individual selection you are citing may have its own translator or editor.  The date that the section was first published might also be important.  See examples below.

David Grene is the translator of the play Oedipus Rex, which was anthologized in Sophocles I.
The essay was originally published in 1782, and republished later by Faber.

Edition: "2nd ed.",   "Rev. 3rd ed.",  "Abr. ed."

Location: "Toronto", "Atlanta" [ Unknown | Obscure | Multiple ]

Publisher: "University of Toronto Press",   "O'Reilley & Associates, Inc.",   "n.p." [for "no publisher"]

Year: "1996", "n.d." [for "no date"]

Periodical Name of Author. "Title of Article." Title of Periodical. [Publication Info]: Pages. 
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Smith 12

Works Cited

Craner, Paul M. "New Tool for Ancient Art: The 

     Computer and Music." Computers and the Humanities 

     25 (1991): 303-13. 

"The Decade of the Spy." Newsweek 7 Mar. 1994: 26-27. 

Hallin, Daniel C. "Sound Bite News: Television Coverage 

     of Elections, 1968-1988." Journal of Communication 

     42.2 (1992): 5-24. 

Manegold, Catherine S. "Becoming a Land of the Smoke- 

     Free, Ban by Ban." New York Times 22 Mar. 1994, 

     late ed.: A1+. 

[Adapted from MLA Handbook, 4th ed., pp. 140-145.]

Article Title: "Athletic Merit vs. Academic Merit."

Periodical Title: Toronto Star, PMLA, U.S. News & World Report

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   Date [journal] [weekly or daily]

Page Numbers: 121-28

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Web Page   Name of Author. "Title of Web Page." [Name of Webmaster or Editor.] [Print Source] [Title of Web Collection.] [Description] [Date of Electronic Publication or Last Update] [Database Name] [[# pars.] or [# pp.]] [Sponsoring Institution] [Date Accessed] <URL>.
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Page Title "Resumes -- Top 5 Problems", "Frequently Asked Questions"

Webmaster, editor, or compiler "Comp., Stephen Granade"

If somebody other than the author appears to have edited, compiled, or otherwise worked on the page which you are citing, give that person credit here. Use titles such as "Ed.", "Comp."  There really isn't an abbreviation for "Webmaster," but if the way the page functions on the website is an important part of the reason you are citing the page, then giving credit to the webmaster is appropriate.

Print Source: "Computers and Composition 9.1"

If the article you are citing has also been published in a print source, give the relevant information here. Such information would include the title, volume, and issue number of a journal, or the title and date for a more frequent periodical.

Web Collection Title "Online Reading Room", "Crazy Joe's Shakespeare Emporium"

If the article is part of a collection of related items, give the title of the collection here.

Electronic Publication Date: "1 Jan. 2000" "Fall 2000" "1999"

Most scholarly documents will provide a date.

Database: "EBSCOhost, McIntryre Library, Eau Claire, Wisc."

If you retrieved your article through a subscription database, wherein an organization such as a library pays for access to documents that may also have been published in print and on the web, specify 1) the name of the database and 2) the name and location of the organization through which you accessed it.

Hosting Organization: "UWEC", "American Medical Association"

Specify the name of the organization (university, government agency, etc.) responsible for the website. It is not proper to give credit to commercial web hosting agencies such as "Geocities" or "Yahoo" when you are citing work that is produced by an individual or group using the host's web space.

Numbering: "26 par.", "8 sect.", "14 pp."

If the source you are citing has some kind of numbering system, mention it here. The above examples would be for articles divided into 26 paragraphs, 8 sections, or 14 pages, respectively. 

Access Date: "1 Dec 2000", "24 May 2001"

Enter the date that you accessed the source. Since web pages can change over time, you need to treat each day's version of a page almost as if it were a separate "issue".

URL: "<http://www.uwec.edu/jerzdg/orr/index.html>", "<http://search.epnet.com>"

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