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Ex 1: The News and I

Write, or sing, or capture on audio or video, or present through a poster or interpretive dance or Halo 3 machinima or a tiny diorama carved out of Lucky Charms marshmallows... whatever,

300 words and/or 2 minutes of content, on your relationship to the news.

All I ask is that in class, you give me something so that I can read, watch, hear, or otherwise re-experience your 2 minute presentation in the comfort of my office. (I may not actually see your in-class performance, because the class will be divided into groups and you'll mainly be presenting for each other. ... so, e-mail me your Youtube URL? Hand me a printout? Burn me a CD?)



Josie Rush said:

A Play, Because My Relationship with the News Inspires that Kind of Passion

What I Think About The News

Michelle Tantlinger said:


As an FYI the video claims to be 6 mins long but it's actually right around 2 mins. The fact check is the last screen.

Katie Vann said:

News, Roger and I: An Old, but Not Forgotten Friendship

Richelle Dodaro said:

When I think about my relationship with the news, I am not too sure there is much of one. I have definitely connected more with the news since being a part of this Newswriting course, but before this class, I did not care much for the news. I do not feel proud of this, but it is the truth. I never really watched the news or read the newspaper. I wrote for my highschool newspaper and was the sports editor, but I didn't take that too seriously. When I would watch the news, it was usually because my mom had it on the television, and I just decided to stay in that room she was in. Sometimes, when something really out of the ordinary or crazy was happening, I would independently watch the news. But, that was not out of my concern for what was going on outside of my little world, just a fix for some curiosity. Anytime I would pick up a newspaper, it was usually the City Paper but only to search for auditions for singing and acting. My parents subscribe to the Tribune Review so I would pick it up and bring it inside and maybe take a glance at it, but never actually read it. My grandparents subscribe to the Post Gazette so whenever I would be at their house, I would see my grandma reading through the entire newspaper. She really does read each part of the newspaper, but her favorite section is the comics. My aunt is always informed as to what is going on in the world and locally simply because she reads alot, and she subscribes to the New Yorker. My aunt and I are really close so sometimes when we get together, she will ask me about something that is going on, and if I don't know, she usually isn't too happy with me, but in a joking way, and then goes on to tell me about it. My mom's whole side of the family is very educated, and fairly liberal. They are all very opinionated and observant, which is helpful for me because I get to hear and see different viewpoints and learn from them. So, I would have to say that my relationship with news comes from my family. I pretty much am informed through them. Hopefully I will grow to like reading the newspaper and being accurately informed the way they are. However, I do believe that this Newswriting class is helping me to develop in that sense because it's interesting in that we critique the news and our assignments include watching or reading the news. Inevitably, I will become more informed and see the news in a different light.

Greta Carroll said:

Here's the poem I wrote about my relationship to the news if anyone wants to take a closer look at it or was in the other group:

Here is my reflection:

Katie Vann said:

Presentation Reviews

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