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Article 3 Pitches

Pitch a story associated with the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education (conference at SHU, Oct 24, 25 and 26)



Wendy Scott said:

I am planning to attend Sunday, October 25, 2009. So I would like to write an article on the keynote speaker: Dr. Micheal Berenboum. An the overall tournout of the event the "Memory of the Holocaust:Challenges to the 21st Century Christians and Jews." An find out what the challenges are an how the effect seton hill diversly as a whole.
I plan to revise this but this is an event that I know I want to attend so I wanted to get my pitch out there early.

Derek Tickle said:

I would like to attend the 10:20 a.m. - 11:20 a.m. session, but specifically the Approaches to Undergraduate Holocaust Education: Tobie Tondi, "Religious Questions of the Holocaust: A Multi-dimensional course for the undergraduate student" and Margaret Murphy, O.P., and Diane Bliss, "Education of Peacemakers: Challenges and Opportunities in Interreligious Dialogue."

I want to pitch a story about "The Affects of Violence: Teaching and Transforming the World."

Derek Tickle said:

Please discard my previous pitch. This is not one of the free attendence options.


National Holocaust Conference Pitch(es)

Prompt #1: “The Affects of Violence: Teaching and Transforming the World”

Explanation: This article will be written about “Technology and Teaching the Holocaust.” The event will let me, as a future educator, be able to understand how to teach events from the Holocaust. I will also write an article with quotes from people who were in attendance. The article will focus on technology and what is appropriate in an educational classroom.

Prompt #2: “Future Ideologies and the Holocaust”

Explanation: If my first prompt doesn’t work, which I hope it does, then I will attend the “Interreligious Dialogue since the Holocaust: Turning Points and Next Steps.” I will, once again, quote from people in attendance and write about what is next in terms of religion and language.

Jeanine O'Neal said:

I will be attending two speeches on the Holocaust.

1. "Holocaust and Genocide: What's In a Name?"- Steven L. Jacobs (Monday Oct. 26 at 1:50-2:50)

2. "The Significance of Holocaust Education for the 21st Century"- Ephraim Kaye (Tuesday Oct. 27th at 11:30-12:30)

For my pitch, I would like to focus on the question I aksed in class: what should the United States do with former Nazis they have found? How would imprisoning them, putting them on death row, or deporting them teach people about justice? More importantly, what does it say about the United State's capacity to forgive? Are we just as bad as the Nazis were if we kill them?

Josie Rush said:

For my pitch I will be attending the "Challenges to 21st Century Christians" speech. I want to focus on our generation's responsibilities in regards to the Holocaust, and how SHU is helping us to carry them out. One obvious way that comes to mind is through the genocide/holocaust education that SHU offers. How does this prepare us to keep this memory alive as the generation of survivors dies out?

Aja Hannah said:

I plan to attend the "40 Years of Silence" film and the discussion. I plan to discuss why the film was being shown during the Holocaust convention and/or some of the troubles facing Indonesians. Maybe it was shown because the cause of the genocide is similar (racial discrimination)?

Or I could take an angle of shedding light all of the other genocides that have/are taken/taking place throughout the world and why the Holocaust is such an item of focus rather than genocide as a whole. (Perhaps how some of the Holocaust speakers see this the same way and that's why Indonesia is being talked about.)

April Minerd said:

If my pitch is approved I will attend the concert: "Music Reborn: Forbidden and Forgotten."
Music plays an important role in the communication of a culture, and the influence can be different for each generation. Nazi’s in the 1930’s labeled any music it considered harmful or unacceptable as “degenerate.” I’m hoping to somehow tie this disapproval for different expression to negative opinions about music and music videos of today’s generation.

I need to fine tune the idea, but this is my general direction.

Angela Palumbo said:

I will be attending "The Significance of Holocaust Education for the 21st Century" speech. I am interested in interviewing teachers that have had to teach the holocaust and related topics of persectution in the classroom. I think that Dr. McClain would be a good person to ask since I believe she used to teach in the high school setting. I could also interview other English faculty about such matters, including Dr. Cusick who taught an Irish Literature course last semester, much of it focusing on the persecution of Irish Catholics by Oliver Cromwell. Lastly, I could look at the treatment of women in the early 20th century by interviewing Dr. Patterson. I could tie them all together, answering the question of why such topics are relevant today.

Jessie Krehlik said:

Pitch: I plan to attend both a speech and the film for my pitch. The speech I plan to attend is Holocaust and Genocide: What's in a name?. I will integrate the information provided in the speech to compare it to the 40 years of silence film and I will bring in another outside source--last year's book assigned to the Freshman class: They Poured Fire On Us from the Sky. I will focus on the fact that genocide is very much alive in today's society, and will include quotes from both the speech and the discussion following the film.

Matt Henderson said:

I will be attending the speeches “The Memory of the Holocaust: Challenges to 21st Century Christians and Jews” and “Holocaust and Genocide: What’s in a Name?” I will use the content of these speeches to compare how genocide was viewed in the past and how it is viewed in contemporary times—specifically how “holocaust” is often assigned to events of the past and “genocide” is often assigned to contemporary events and what the implications of this are. I will interview people attending the event and professors in the Holocaust and Genocide Studies program to present numerous views on this subject.

Dianna Griffin said:

I plan on attending "The Memory of the Holocaust: Challenges to 21st Century Christians and Jews." I plan on illustrating the differences between the challenges in present day society and the challenges during the Holocaust.

It seems as though there are a lot of people attending this event, but it is the only event that I can attend. I might be able to attend "The Significance of Holocaust Education for the 21st Century," and in that case I Plan on writing a story that will demonstrate the importance of this subject as well as any negative effects that this subject can cause.

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