Sally Writes a Conclusion

Feeling that she has finally accomplished something that her professor will like, Sally finished it off with a conclusion:

dates.  Group Y women in the same category 
had clearer skin and taller boyfriends. (34)
     Different people respond to the same situation in 
many different ways. The example of the people of Ethnic

Group Y shows that, from one perspective, the "terrible 

problem of X" may not be so terrible after all. (15)  Perhaps 
the real problem lies not in Situation X, but rather in

the way that we look at X. (16)  We should all listen to the

voices of people like the members of Group Y, (17) who feel

that scientific research ignores special cultural

considerations that may affect how a group of people 
responds to a particular situation.

(15) This would not be a bad thesis statement.

(16) This is s a rather trite and cheesy conclusion.. This is preachy.  A laudable opinion, but you can come up with an argument.

(17) People like group Y? You allude to other groups, but you do not mention them.  
Frankly, you barely mention group Y either.

Now the only thing left to do was write the bibliography.

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