Sally Adds a Clever Twist

While looking for more quotes about opposing arguments, Sally came across a web site that looked at at how one particular social group has reacted to Problem X.  Suddenly she remembered a passage from a different source that mentioned this same social group. 

When she read both sources again, she suddenly realized that Problem X had helped this particular social group far more than it had harmed them. "This is great!" she said to herself. "It's a surprise twist that will really make my paper look interesting!"

So, she added a new paragraph:

Student 5
      But to the Group Y community, the question of

whether Situation X is really a problem is not so 

simple.  (12) 
Academics and politicians who are too quick 
to think of Situation X as major social 
problem are ignoring the particular cultural 
viewpoint of members of Group Y, who have for
several generations accepted and even 
welcomed each successive incident of 
Situation X. (Group Y Home Page, par. 2) (13) 
One study found that men and women from Group Y who 
benefited from Situation X had slightly higher blood 
pressure, and were slightly less educated than average
(Tucker 22). Nevertheless, men who reported a 'high' 
or 'steady' exposure to incidents of Situation X were
20% less likely to "stay at home Saturday nights without 
dates.  Group Y women in the same category had clearer
skin and taller boyfriends" (Brown 34).(14)

(12) Whoa!  This came out of nowhere.  Look at the title of your paper... You had been consistently referring to "Problem X," but now suddenly you change your terms! It's now no longer a "problem" but a "situation".

(13) You seem to feel that this one web page represents the opinions of an entire community. What evidence do you have to support that implicit claim?

(14) You are doing a much better job of integrating outside material into your own paragraph.  I am finally seeing some of your own intellectual effort.  The results are promising, but they start far too late in your paper.

Sally felt pretty good about her paper... which was important, because by now it was one in the morning!

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