Baby Blackbird and Wallace Stevens

I know it sounds nerdy, but I jumped at the chance to tag along on my husband’s business trip to Hartford, CT last weekend so that I could re-walk the 2 miles that Wallace Stevens used to walk to and from his home on Westerly Terrace to Hartford Accident & Indemnity each day. I took along my EL 267 text and read some of his work as I walked along…


Choose Your Own Adventure Returns

A quarter-billion copies sold worldwide as kids raced to discover lost civilizations, navigate black holes, and go in search of … the Yeti. This summer, eight of the original titles return to bookstores, revamped with 21st-century references (cell phones!). Will they become popular again? — Michael Reilly If you think nostalgia will help the books find an adult audience, click here. If you think a new generation of readers will…

Cute vs Brainy

Don’t call me “Honey.” Call me “Smart Girl.” —Carolyn Maureen Jerz (age 4).Cute vs Brainy (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) How perceptive children are, at an early age. Of course, next week she’ll be back to “My name is Sally. My family was killed in a car crash. Can I be your new girl?” or “I want to be a boy.”