Stephen Coles’ The Anatomy of Type, reviewed.

Talk nerdy to me. You’re my type. What about old friend Helvetica, Miss Typography of 1957 (and pretty much every year after)? Coles theorizes that its universality stems from the fact that its “shapes and widths are unusually uniform.” This homogeneity makes it perfect for big display logos but “not as effective for long passages of text, where dynamic rhythm and unique lettershapes are vital.” Keep leafing around. Garamond Premier…


‘My Fair Lady’ replacement shines at Arena Stage in an unforgettable evening

Wonderful, magical theater story. It was looking awfully bleak for the Saturday evening performance of “My Fair Lady” when Artistic Director Molly Smith walked onstage surrounded by her cast to deliver some grim news. She informed the nearly full house that flu had laid low several cast members, including Manna Nichols, who played the lead role of Eliza Doolittle. To have an understudy step in is usually a disappointment for…