Hacking Las Vegas

“For six years in the 1990s, Lewis was a principal member of the MIT Blackjack Team, an infamous cabal of hyper-geniuses and anarchistic whiz kids who devised a method of card counting that took the gaming world completely by surprise. ” Ben Mezrich —Hacking Las VegasWired)

Consumerism and Cultural Tourism in the Monkey Island Games.

“The aim of this essay is to explore the complex relationships that exist between Monkey Island, Postmodernism, Cultural Materialism, Roland Barthes’ concept of the Death of the Author and the twin phenomenon’s of corporate capitalism and globalisation. I shall attempt to resolve the antagonisms that exist by analyzing the Monkey Island texts using the tools of Postmodernism and Cultural Materialism…” Owen Clayton —Consumerism and Cultural Tourism in the Monkey Island…

What's In a Name?

Two short items appeared recently in Associated Press reports. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – One of four Democrats seeking a Sarasota-area congressional seat sued an opponent over the punctuation in her name. Patrick Feheley objects to his rival being listed as Candice Brown-McElyea because if left hyphenated, the name would appear before Feheley’s on the ballot. A listing of Candice Brown McElyea would drop her behind Feheley in alphabetical order during the…

Antarctic Sea Ice Increases over Past Two Decades

“In a surprising departure from other findings that point to a warming planet, a NASA researcher has found that the amount of ice in the Antarctic increased from 1979 to 1999, as measured by satellites.” —Antarctic Sea Ice Increases over Past Two DecadesSpace.com) It’s not too surprising if you’ve read anything by Julian Simon.