Put up the Hoop Sooner: 10 lessons of parenting from one wise guy who’s done doing the dad thing

Earlier today, we dropped our daughter off at college. Like her brother before her, she went and grew up on us…. And as usual, whenever a buzzer sounds, the competitor within wants a score. How’d I do? whispers the bottom-line lobe of my brain…. [S]omehow, my kids’ leave-taking has cracked open my shell. Suddenly, I can see some areas of Daddy weakness. —Hugh O’Neill —Put up the Hoop Sooner: 10…


The Infocom Adventure

The first adventure game was called Adventure and ran on IBM mainframes. It became known as Colossal Caves or The Hobbit, and was influenced by Dungeons and Dragons. —Theo Clarke —The Infocom Adventure (Strategy Plus) The Hobbit? WTF? A transcription from a book, the full publication data of which is not given. See my “Colossal Cave Adventure” page.

GDC Conference Report V: Make Better Criticism: A Mature Form of Cultural Analysis

We thought a lecture about game criticism was most likely a recipe for disaster. Straight off the bat, Matteo Bittanti, a teacher at the European Institute of Design, in Milan, proved us wrong. The very first thing he said was, “Hello. I am here to talk to you today about videogame criticism. Because right now, it’s bullshit.” Brandon Sheffield —GDC Conference Report V: Make Better Criticism: A Mature Form of…